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Word Unit

This page is used for the Word Unit. There will be videos to watch and assignments to do in this course. Follow the schedule below to finish the Word Unit. If videos are not loading, then reload/refresh the video and start video where you left off.

Video 1: Intro to Vista

Intro to Word: Business Letter Due 9/17

Watch all these videos after "Intro to Vista" video
Lesson 00 Lesson 4 Lesson 8 Lesson 12
Lesson 1 Lesson 5 Lesson 9 Lesson 13
Lesson 2 Lesson 6 Lesson 10  
Lesson 3 Lesson 7 Lesson 11  

Put your name at the top of the letter and at the end, instead of his.

Lesson 4 will start the letter. Lesson 11 will start a new letter.
Make sure you watch the videos once. Then go back and do the assignment while watching it again. Save the document in your Technology->Grade_6_IT->Word folder. File name should be Business_Letter


ILovePIDue 9/21


News Article Due 9/23