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PowerPoint Unit

This page is used for the PowerPoint or PPT Unit. There will be videos to watch and assignments to do in this course. Most assignments come from live lessons that were used in class. Follow the schedule below to finish the PPT Unit. If videos are not loading, then reload/refresh the video and start video where you left off.

Thanksgiving PowerPoint DUE Tuesday 9/29

PPT Video Opening: Shown in class

PPT Video 1: Thanksgiving PPT Part 1

PPT Video 2: Thanksgiving PPT Part 2

PPT Video 3: Thanksgiving PPT Part 3

PPT Video 4: Thanksgiving PPT Part 4

PPT Video 5: Thanksgiving PPT Part 5


Choice PowerPoint DUE Tuesday 10/9

Choice PPT

Survey Exit
Period 1
Period 3
Period 4
Period 5
Period 6
Period 7
Period 8