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Career Education

Career Education lessons have been developed to help fulfill this commitment to teaching students the importance of character development, social skills, life skills, good citizenship, and physical fitness. This is a classroom-based program to help students begin an in-depth assessment of their character and personal career search. It supplements and enriches the standard curricula and the student’s career awareness.

The lessons takes the students through a step-by-step, developmental, decision making process, helping each student become aware of their own strengths and uniqueness; and gives each student an opportunity to learn the relevance of education and the necessity of staying in school. It enhances the students’ awareness of what they need to learn in order to become productive members of society and why that is important to them.

Career Education lessons features age-appropriate, theme-oriented lesson plans to be used in the classroom to guide students through career exploration. These lessons will utilize all the programs students have learn to create a diverse career portfolio. Also, guest speakers will come into the class to discuss their careers and what drove them to what they do.

During the career exploration lesson plans, the students engage in critical thinking as they delve into such topics as workplace communication, job searches, and professional behavior analysis.

Lessons are designed to reinforce career education skills in various areas, such as critical thinking, behavior analysis, conflict resolution, problem solving, workplace expectations, and communication skills.

Intro to Career Education Video go to Shared Files/Wade-Swift for the video (27:05)

Change Happens Video (7:37)

Websites to help with Career Investigation:

Interest Inventory Video (23:54)

Interest Inventory DUE 1/7 (Two Days)

Career Cluster Video (22:31)

Career Clusters DUE 1/13 (Two Days)

Drive of Your Life DUE 1/20 (Two Days)

Questionnaire Video (18:31)

Questionnaire document DUE 1/26 (Seven Days)

Resume Video (9:36)

Resume DUE 1/28 (One & Half Days)

Pic Video

Finding Job Pictures DUE 2/2 One & Half Days (30 Pictures: 6 Different Job Pictures of each job [5 Jobs])

3D Room DUE 2/19 (Seven & Half Days)
Video 1 - On Shared Files
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4

3D Room Requirements

3D Room Rubric

Brochure (Extra Credit: 10 Points) DUE 2/19


Image Instruction



Personality Test

Word Example

Publisher Example